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Garden Suites

Are you looking to add a garden suit to your property? We invite you to contact the home addition and remodeling contractors at Willowtree Construction Company Inc.. Capable of building custom single-story and two-story suites, we make your property as accommodating—and attractive—as can be.

Reach out to us with your requests and design ideas whenever you wish. We can be reached at (647) 299-7360.

Connect With Us to Build the Perfect Garden Suite

Your Trusted Garden Suite Builders

When local homeowners wish to add a small suite to their property, they come to us. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the region's leading garden suite builders and home addition contractors. We’ve ascended the ranks of our field by offering incomparable customer service, impeccable results, and a wide range of choice construction materials.

With our construction qualifications and many years of experience, we’ve become full-service experts in the field of garden suite construction. Ask us what we’ll do to bring your vision for the perfect backyard oasis to life.

Backyard Suites for All Purposes

You might not want to use your new backyard suite just for garden storage, and that’s fine by us. Our pre-fabricated garden suites are not only designed to enhance your living space but also offer a multitude of possibilities.

With these additions, you can use them as:

  • In-law suites
  • Rental income generators
  • Guest houses
  • Home offices
  • …and much more!

Explore the limitless potential of our garden suites and transform your property into a haven of comfort and functionality.

Willowtree Construction Company Inc.: The Garden and Granny Suite Advantage

Say goodbye to lengthy construction times. Our pre-fabricated garden suites are quick to install, saving you time and money. We handle everything, from permits to fixtures, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Working with us makes the backyard suite construction process as simple as can be.

Single-Story Home Additions

When you're considering a single-story suite, our 12’ x 20’ option is available to you. This package includes all necessary permits, high-quality fixtures and appliances, engineered flooring for a durable finish, smart lighting features for modern living, and your choice of elegant stone veneer or low-maintenance vinyl siding options.

Two-Story Suites Granny Suites

For those who prefer a two-story design, our 12’ x 20’ Two-Story Suite is priced with the average property owner in mind. This comprehensive package covers all permits, offers top-tier fixtures and appliances, features engineered flooring for lasting beauty, includes smart lighting features for convenience, and allows you to choose between elegant stone veneer or low-maintenance vinyl siding—the choice is yours.

Our Home Additions Add Value

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your property's value, functionality, and style with our backyard garden suites. Whether you envision a cozy in-law suite, a lucrative rental income source, or a serene retreat, our pre-fabricated buildings are designed to meet your expectations. Enjoy the ease of installation, premium features, and versatile design options that make our garden suites the ultimate choice for savvy homeowners.

Book Our Backyard Suite Construction Team Today

Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities of garden construction? Contact us today to get started on your journey toward a more functional, elegant, and versatile living space. Your dream garden suite is just a call away.

Call (647) 299-7360 today.

Two story Garden Suite:

12’ x 20’ Two story suite per model

$189,000.00 Plus HST


  • All permits
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Engineered flooring
  • Smart lighting features
  • Stone Veneer/Vinyl siding

One story Garden Suite:

12’ x 20’ one story suite per model

$139,000.00 Plus HST


  • All permits
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Engineered flooring
  • Smart lighting features
  • Stone Veneer/Vinyl siding
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